The Divine Feminine Version is the work of The Christian Godde Project, part of an attempt to seek greater gender balance in Christian discourse about the divine in the New Testament. Consequently, it may be expedient to try to anticipate a key question at the outset.

Potential readers may ask why a Bible version intended to achieve gender balance should nevertheless be weighted so heavily toward feminine terms as opposed to giving equal emphasis to feminine and masculine terms. This is actually a question that the editors considered in some detail. Given that the vast majority of Bible versions image Godde in exclusively masculine terms, two Bible versions image Godde in gender-neutral terms, and exactly zero Bible versions image Godde in feminine terms, we determined that the best contribution toward gender balance is to make available this Divine Feminine Version. From that standpoint, this may be considered only a drop in the bucket in terms of balancing out gendered language regarding Godde.

Ultimately, our goal is gender equity. However, it is widely agreed that there is no one single solution to the problem of gender inequity in theological discourse. A variety of strategies can – and should – be pursued. As a result, this Divine Feminine Version should not be construed as the ultimate, authoritative Bible version to displace all others. Every Bible version has advantages and disadvantages, every Bible version has its unique purpose, emphasis, and strengths, and every Bible version has its place. Consequently, this Bible version is intended to be one among many.

With this in mind, the reader is cordially invited to enjoy the unique contribution of the Divine Feminine Version of the New Testament – and to provide sincere feedback, as this is still very much a work in progress.

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