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Report of May/June Workshop

June 15, 2013

In our meeting of May 31 – June 2, we reached several agreements:

  • We agreed to use the words “slander” or “sacrilege” instead of “blasphemy.”
  • We reviewed our approach to the word “sin” and created greater consistency, usually rendering the term hamartia as “wrongdoing” or “offense” throughout (occasionally also as “guilt” or “errant,” depending on the usage).
  • We revisited our approach to the household codes and discussed a cameo essay to address the development from Colossians to Ephesians to 1 Peter to the Pastorals.
  • In the process we also decided to use the word “partner” instead of “spouse.”
  • We completed work on 1 Peter and Revelation.
  • We worked on the Good News According to the Tradition of Mary for future inclusion in our appendix.
  • We agreed to conference again by Skype in the fall. By the end of the year we should be able to complete work on Hebrews.

Latest Updates!

June 15, 2013

Pursuant to our workshop of May 31 – June 2, we’re excited to announce the availability of 1 Peter and Revelation.

In addition, the following texts have all been updated:

The Good News According to the Tradition of Matthew (Version 0.5.8)

The Good News According to the Tradition of Mark (Version 0.5.6)

To the Romans (Version 0.5.4)

To the Corinthians (1) (Version 0.5)

To the Corinthians (2) (Version 0.4)

To the Colossians (Version 0.5.2)

To the Thessalonians (1) (Version 0.5.1)

To Timothy (1) (Version 0.4)

To Timothy (2) (Version 0.4)

To Titus (Version 0.3)

The Tradition of Peter (2) (Version 0.2)