Report of October 28 Meeting


In this afternoon’s Skype conference, we completed work on 1 Timothy. In addition, we made several minor adjustments, including changing “renewal” to “rebirth” in Matt. 19:28, correcting Matt. 27:43; Rom. 15:31; 1 Thess. 1:10; 2 Thess. 3:2 to read “rescue,” and eliminating initial caps in the terms “good news” and “reign” throughout the NT.

In addition, we reviewed our use of “harass” instead of “persecute” and our use of “desire” for epithymia. (We wouldn’t want to imply that all “desire” is inherently wrong, but often the text itself provides the appropriate qualifications.)

We also agreed to a cameo essay on 1 Timothy 2:11-15 and agreed to change our practice of using “guardian” for episkopos  in favor of  “bishop.” We also agreed to use “deacon” instead of “minister” for diakonos where appropriate and to use “presbyter” for presbyteros instead of “Elder,” primarily to emphasize the role of women in leadership in the Pastoral Epistles.

We agreed to use “piety” for eusebia, at least for the time being, unless we can think of a better term later.

Finally, we discussed a potential annotation for the Study Bible about the term “deacon” and our choice to use “female deacons” instead of “deacons’ wives” in 1 Timothy 3, as well as a potential cameo essay on the order of widows in the early church.

We concluded by planning to address 2 Timothy and Titus in our November Skype conference, and work continues on James as well.


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