Report of July 2012 Meeting


Following is a summary of conclusions reached in our July 2012 meeting:

1. Indentation format for poetry: We discussed following the simpler formatting style of The Inclusive Bible (over against the NRSV, for example) in order to simplify the formatting of our text. We also agreed to move to a one-column format over against our previous two-column format for the same reason.

2. Rendering of “logos”: We agreed to leave the word “logos” as “message” in the  Synoptic Gospels and Acts while leaving it as “word” in other sections of the New Testament, as in Paul and John.

3. “Life-Giver” and “life”: We confirmed the use of “Life-Giver” instead of “Savior” and “life” instead of “salvation,” reviewing all the usages of “salvation” in the NT.

4. Kakos and Poneros: We reviewed our earlier use of the word “wicked” and agreed to switch back to “evil” instead, where appropriate.

5. Use of brackets for textual variants: After a thorough discussion, we agreed not to denote textual variants by use of brackets, but rather to follow only the body of the text of the UBS4, irrespective of the textual apparatus (footnotes specifying degrees of certainty from A through D). This is the simplest approach and provides us with a consistent precedent as we proceed through the NT.

6. 1 and 2 Thessalonians: We agreed to the proposed text of 1 and 2 Thessalonians and agreed to use the definite article with “Satan” wherever it appears in the Greek.

7. 1 Corinthians: We reviewed the proposed text and annotations and finalized our proposals. We agreed to take up 2 Corinthians in our next Skype conference, which we will probably have in September.


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