DFV Editors Presenting Workshops at the 2012 EEWC-CFT Conference


Two DFV editors, Dr. Laura M. Grimes and Rev. Shawna R.B. Atteberry, M.A., will be presenting workshops at the 2012 Gathering of the Evangelical and Ecumenical Women’s Conference and Christian Feminism Today in Indianapolis, Indiana June 21 through 24. Here are descriptions of their workshops:

Shawna is presenting the workshop, “Women in the Gospel of John: The Johannine Community’s Response to Christian Communities That Limited Women Leaders.”

Workshop Description: The New Testament is not monolithic about Christian belief and worship; there are competing early communities of Christianity within our canon. Two well-known groups are those who followed Peter—the Petrine church–and those who followed Paul—the Pauline church. Both of these traditions started limiting the role of women in the church toward the end of the 1st century. But a third group—the Johannine church following John—had a different response to women’s roles. Many scholars believe the Gospel of John was written to refute the Petrine and Pauline crackdown on women’s ministry in the church. Come meet the women in this gospel and find out how this community of Christians offered a different story of women’s place in the earliest church and its ministry.

Dr. Grimes will be presenting a workshop entitled, “Wisdom’s Healing Words: Divine Feminine Resources for Christian Spirituality and Liturgy.”

Workshop description: Join a sacred circle to experience and share resources, stories, and dreams of a new world where Christian prayer and worship honor Godde our Mother, Lover and Friend–and the full equality and dignity of women created in Her image. Feminist liturgist and hymnwriter Laura Grimes will create a safe space to experience and process divine feminine prayers, songs, art, and scriptures including texts from her Sophia prayer books and the Divine Feminine Version of the New Testament, for which she serves as co-general editor.


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