To the Philippians Version 0.1 Now Available!


We’ve finally completed our work on one of the epistles. Paul’s letter To the Philippians (Version 0.1) is now ready for the public and posted on the blog. Next up will be Colossians!

If you’d like to provide feedback by posting on the weblog, the best places to comment are the Positive (Constructive) Feedback page or, if you don’t care at all for what we’re doing, the Rebuttals page.

In another exciting development, Dr. Laura Grimes has agreed to be recognized as a General Editor in the project. Though she’s the newest member of the team, she’s brought with her a wealth of pastoral experience, academic insight, and inspiration which has contributed significantly to our work. Thanks so much, Laura!


One Response to “To the Philippians Version 0.1 Now Available!”

  1. The Divine Feminine Version: Philippians is now available! | Shawna R. B. Atteberry Says:

    […] Philippians is now available at The Christian Godde Project. We will be finalizing Colossians next month and will post it in October. Please let me know what you think of our work on the New Testament: Divine Feminine Version. […]

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