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Report of May 21 and 22 Meeting

August 27, 2011

Our meeting on May 21 and 22 was extremely productive. Shortly we should have Matthew v.0.2 available, as well as Mark v.0.1 and the Divine Feminine Study Bible v.0.2.

In addition, we made several other adjustments at that time. Here are some highlights:

In order to remain consistent with our rendition of the word hagios, we decided to use “Holy Spirit” instead of “Divine Spirit.”

Instead of using “assembly” for “synagogue” and “Judean” for “Jew” — which was originally intended to mitigate anti-Semitic readings — we decided to use “synagogue” and “Jew” so as not to unintentionally de-Judaize the NT.

Instead of flattening out a variety of terms with the single word “good,” we decided to use “just” for “righteous” and “justice” for “righteousness.”

We discussed at some length whether to use the word “servant” or “slave” for doulos. The team was divided on the question, so we agreed to the compromise of “bondservant.”

Deciding that “Realm of Godde” didn’t convey the ambiguity that we had originally intended, we decided to switch to the more commonly used “Reign of Godde” instead.

We also spent considerable time discussing the suggestion that we use “Christ-Sophia” instead of “Christa.” Initially we discussed going to the more literal rendition “Anointed,” but by the end of the weekend decided to retain the term “Christa.”

Those are some of the highlights from our May meeting. This morning we had a shorter Skype meeting to begin considering other questions as we begin to work on Paul.

The First Divine Feminine Version of Psalms

August 5, 2011

Sophia’s Psalter, adapted from the Psalter of the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer by Dr. Laura M. Grimes, is the first version of Psalms to use feminine God-language, as well as fully inclusive gender-balanced language for humanity. Highly recommended!

Laura is also the author of Sophia’s Book of Hours and Sophia’s Rosary. Sophia’s Book of Hours contains prayers for morning, midday, evening, and night offices.  It includes Psalms from Sophia’s Psalter, along with other readings and prayers.

Sophia’s Rosary adapts the traditional  rosary devotion with prayers to Sophia and God the Mother as well as twelve new sets of scriptural “mysteries” for meditation which focus on feminine images of God and great women of the Bible.  It can be used with any set of prayer beads (Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, Buddhist malas) and also makes an excellent outline for individual or group study of biblical women.

Free sample pages for all three Sophia prayer books can be obtained by emailing and they can be ordered — with significant discounts for multiple copies of one book or combinations of books — at